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Commercial work is in and of itself very different from residential work. Accessibility, parking and other code related issues often dictate the overall programs and can affect your plans. It's best to consult with a design professional while in the process of choosing your commercial business location so as to optimize your opportunities and minimize problems moving ahead. At Adaptive, we've handled a large number of commercial and Tenant Improvement projects with great success and pride ourselves on seamlessly guiding our clients through the permitting process and city hall.

Our Process:
If you're in the process of thinking about a commercial project of tenant improvement application and could use our commercial design services, contact us today to see how we might help you and how our fees compare to the competition...
  1. Get to know you, your business and your aspirations
  2. Determine your needs in term of today, tomorrow and long-term
  3. Determine city constraints such as washrooms, parking required, occupancy limitations, signage and more...
  4. Discussed your revised requirements including your budget in detail
  5. Form one or several design concepts
  6. Prepare conceptual sketches to show conceptual layout, circulation, materiality and lighting plans
  7. Work through the details and changes to reach your aspirations
  8. Prepare the working drawings for development application or building permit submission
  9. On-site review of construction and deficiency lists
  10. Obtain occupancy.
Agro Cafe at the corner of Hamilton & Davie in Vancouver
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